29 March 2011

Mutual Aide & Regulators Part #3

compiled by Teresa Martin Klaiber
March 2011

This is the final installment of the Mutual Protection Society of Boyd County, Kentucky ledger housed at the Boyd County Public Library, Central Avenue, Ashland, Kentucky.  These are extractions of entries.  My comments in brackets.  Spelling is as written in ledger. Once again thank you to Charlotte Lambert Mosley who donated the original ledger, discovered in an old desk in her possession.  Through her generosity this valuable history is now available to all researchers.

Page #57...Mutual Protection Society of Boyd Co., KY held at Davis School House. February 9th, 1889...N. A. Klaiber was appointed to notify S. D. Finley to pay ...fee on his store and to notify John Hazlett to pay into fee on add horses.  The comite on John W. West reported unfavorable and the comite discharged...
The following were elected: Grant Griffit, W. T. Clay, C. G. Tanner, C.C. Fields, Liss Chafins.  By vote of lodge business was suspended to receive the pet. of John E. Lambert.

...Resolution presented to this order by J. S. Carlyon reads as follows: In order to avoid litigation and unnecessary expenses between members of this order and amicable settle all differences or disputes that may in the future arise between them it is resolved that all differences and disputes shall here after be settled by arbitration instead of resorting 

Page #58 continued.  to litigation and we pray that a section sustaining the same be inserted in our bylaws.  It is resolved that all differences and disputes between members of the order shall be settled or a dispute be arbitration the disputants shall have the power to choose tow disinterested members who shall in their turn select a third person whose duty it shall be to hear the complaints of the disputants and after hearing the same settle the difficulty if possible in accordance with the laws of justice, reason and right...

J. C. Lambert paid .25 adt horse. Anson Pope refused to pay on adt horse.

N. A. Klaiber resolved that Section 4 of our constitution and Sec. 12 of bylaws so amended to read...initiation fee...two dollars for each member.  Fifty cents for each horse or mule owned by said members.  Five dollars for each store that has a capital of ore exceeding $3,000 or share owned in the same.  Five dollars for each private, state or national bank or share owned in the same.  Two dollars for each store that has a capital not exceeding $3,000 or share owned in the same.  One dollar of said fee to accompany the petition for membership.  The remainder to be paid at the time of initiation of the candidate who shall be given six months from the time of his election in which to present himself for initiation...

Page #59.  ...Davis School House.  March 16, 1889...Initiated: John Smallridge, Lon Ross, C. C. Fields, Liss Chafins, C. G. Tanner.

J. S. Carlyon's resolution was ballot and rejected.  Petitions received for: John L. Chadwick, Geo. J. Justice, John Stanley, J. L. Rucker [James Leander Rucker], Alley Kimbird [Kimbird Alley].

Page #60 continued.  Petitions received for Charles Brown, A. F. Qullen, Cal Johnson.

N. A. Klaiber reported that S. D. Finley had paid fee on his store.

John E. Lambert ...elected....

Page #61.  ...Davis School House, April 13, 1889.  ...Pass Sexton paid one dollar on leavey on Oct 4, 1888.  Leander White was initiated...following elected: John L. Chadwick, George Justice, John Stanley, J. L. Rucker, Charley Brown, Calvin Johnson.  The following were rejected:  Kimbird Alley, A F. Quillen.

Pet. of Henry Mowery, V. G. Kimbler was received.

Henry White Jr. and Wm C. Fields paid on leavey of Oct. 4, 1888....

Page #63.  Davis School House, May 11, 1889.  Henry Mowery and N. G. Kimbler elected.

Page #64. Davis School House, June 8, 1889.  J. L. Chadwick and Henry Mowery initiated.

Resolution...no less than five names shall be received or considered in the establishment of a new lodge... 

Page #66.  August 5th, 1889.  The Mutual Protection Society met at Harvey Kinner's...object of the meeting was to bring James Lane to justice for trying to sell out and get away and leaving Mr. Kinner to pay a security debt for him. 

The society held a consultation and agreed to go to Mr. Lane's house to get Mrs. Lane to sign a bill of sale for Mr. Kinner. We went and Mrs. Lane was gone.  Mr. Kinner left a written notice at the house for Mr. Lane to not dispose of any of the crop, cows or horse until said debt was settled.

August 5.89. We the undersigned deem it necesary to call a special meeting of the Mutual Protection society at H. H. Kinner's at the hour of 4 o'clock P.M. for the purpus of assisting Brother Kinner in rendering justice from Jas. Lane in a bill of sale.  Signed L. J. Stewart, Wm. Hogan, M.S. Hazlett, C. H. Banfiled, Thomas Brown, W. L. Aloy.

Page #69.  Regular Meeting...Davis School House August 10, 1889.  Comit repoorted favorable on the pet. of ? Burton and the ballot was laid and when call Mr. Burton was duly elected.

Page #70. ...Davis School House. Sept. 7, 1889....Ben Lewis petition was received ...Resolution presented by N. A. Klaiber. Resolved that our constitution and by laws be so amended to read as follows: A Members widdow shall be intitled to all of the benefits of this order except attending lodge as long as she rimans his widdow and only as long as she reamans his widdow.

Page #71. ...Held at Davis School House.  Oct. 5, 1889...The comitte on Ben Lewis pet. ask for longer time to make a report. C. L. Davis was appointed to get oil and lamp wicks for the lodge.  ...

Page #72.  Regular Meeting of the Mutual Protection Society Lodge No. 1 at Davis School House. [This is the first entry citing the Lodge as No. 1.]   ...W. L. Clay, Pres; J. D. Higgins, Sect.; John Lambert Treas. Pro.; C. C. Fields outside sent; George Fields inside sent.

Linsy Fannin's pet [pet = petition] received... The comitte reported unfavorable on Ben Lewis' petition and the count discharged.

The Mutual Protection society of Boyd Co. Ky. held at Davis School House to District No 19 Davis School to coal $2.00 assessed by the citizens of said district Dec 7, 1889...

Page #73. Continued.  In obedience to our request the different lodges sent deligates as follows: Falls of Blaine Lodge, Jasper Casey and C. C. Crank.  Rockville Lodge Theodore Kinner and James H. Kinner.  Grayson Lodge J. A. Blankenship and George Gee.  Bolts Fork Lodge C. H. Higgins. 

Lewis Berry and Harvey Kinner retired with the other deligates for a while and returned and reported that they had agreed on an ?? sign and a pass word for the insuing year...

Page #74. ...Davis School House. Jan. 4, 1890...Life Fugutt's pet. recd.  Dow Sexton's pet. recd...[Lorenzo Dow Sexton.]  The comitte on Linsey Fannin's petition wasent not present.

N. A. Klaiber reported that he and W. H. Banfield ...went to Louisa to the convention and that he spent one dollar of the lodges money and one dollar of his own money....

Page #75.  The lodge received the new constitution and by laws.  W. H. Banfield would not receive any money from the lodge to pay his expense to the convention at Louisa.  The lodge extended many thanks to Mr. Banfield for his kindness...

The following names paid twenty cents each for their dues last years: Jos. Kirk, W. Brooks, J. W. French, William Hogan, M. S. Hazlett, David Davis, George Fields, W. H. Banfield.  

This lodge sold 25 coppies of the new constitutions and by laws to the Bolts Fork Lodge for 65 cents.  

W. H. Banfield was elected president.  William Hogan was elected for vice president, C. T. Davis elected for Treas., N. A. Klaiber was elected for secy,  W. A. Lambert was elected for inside sentinel, M. S. Hazlett was elected for outside sentinel.

Page #76.  The Mutual Protection Society. Davis Lodge No. 1 held at Davis School House, Boyd Co., Ky. April 5th, 1890.

James Twinam took the obligation and duly initiated into this order... my motion V. O. Davis and Wm. L. Clay, was appointed as additional commiti to act with N. A. Klaiber on the petition of L. D. Sexton, the regularly appointed commiti being absent.

The commiti of Life Fugutt's petition asked for and was granted more time before reporting.

The comiti reported favorable on the petition of L. D. Sexton.  The ballot was spread and when collected he was declared duly elected.

On motion a new comiti was appointed on the petition of Lindsey Fannin and allowed to report at once...reported favorable.

Page #77.  Mr. Fannin was declared elected.

On motion a comiti of three was appointed to take testimoney and investigate the charge brought against Bro. Harvey Kinner by the Bolts Fork Lodge. The said Kinner is charged of using slanderous talk about Geo. Powers a member of the Bolts Fork Lodge.  Comiti W. L. Clay, J. D. Higgins, and C. C. Fields.  Said comiti to report at our next regular meeting...

The following paid last years dues: W. A. Lambert, V. O. Davis, W. T. Hood, L. T. Hood, L. J. Stewart, Jno. M. Clay, R. A. Prichard, J. P. Castner, Cris Smith, W. L. Geiger, J. D. Mayhew, Joseph Barrett, H. P. Sexton.

By request of W. T. Hood a permit was granted the members who resides nearer to Princess than to this place to organize a lodge to be known as Princess Lodge No. 11...

Page #78. January 24, 1891.  ...Bro. Banfield was duley elected president.  bro E. D.  Davis duley elected vice president. W. L. Clay elected sec, John Clay treasure, James French inside sentinel, C. C. Fields outside sentinel. ...

[Same page] Oct 17, 1891 Regular meeting of the the Mutual Protection Society...Bro W. H. Banfield was elected a delegate to the ? Log [lodge] and N. A. Klibar [Klaiber] was elected an alternate for the same...

Page #79.  ...Davis School House. Nov. 14, 1891...Petition of Geo. Kirk Jr was recommended by L. C. Hazlett, E. White and Henry Mowery.

On motion the permit of John Brown was received from Whites Creek Lodge and Br. Brown was accepted as a member of this lodge.

Petition of John M. Ross was recommended...was initiated....

Page #80.  Oct 21st, 1893....Electing the following officers Edward Davis president, R. Davis vice, W. L. Caly sect., John M. Clay treasurer, Fillmore P. Holly outside sentinel. H. Kinner inside...allso a new pass word was adopted for the year...An order was past to have a call meating at Hazlett School house on the night of Oct 28...

Page #83.  June 29, 1895. ...Davis School House in Boyd Co., Ky...Waite Worman was elected pres., J. P. McGlothlin was elected vice pres., Wm. A. Lambert was elected Secretary, John Kouns was elected tres.  These are to hold office till replaced by new officers in January 96...

Page #84.  July 6th, 1895...Davis School House ...Petition of Arch Morris received.  Petition of Jas. Herron received...

Page #87... Davis School House August 3. 95...favorable on the petition of Jas. Herron and the vote being put to the house Mr. Herron was declared elected...favorable on petition of Arch Morris and the vote being put to the house Mr. Morris was declared elected.   The petition of Theodore Kouns was received...Mr. Kouns was declared elected.  Petition of Wm Kirk was received...elected.

Page #88.  Petition of Geo. Wah received and elected...John Simpson Sr. ...elected.  Jes. Johnson ...elected.  Allen Lambert ... elected.  J. C. Lambert, J. J. Kouns and Harvey Kinner was appointed to make a new pass word and

Page #89. ...appointed to make some new signs and have them ready by the next regular meeting.

Page #90.  August 3, 1895....Davis School House ...petition of Henry Elenberger...  George Wah ...initiated and paid for self...

Page #91. Sept. 28, 1895.  Davis School House...Henry Elenburger...elected.  Petition of Henry Lucas, Wm. Locke and Wm. Gallion received.  David Murphy bought and delivered the lodge two lamps and oil ...

[The next few pages involve the estate of C. H. Kouns.  The Kouns family at Mavity is where the ledger was located in the old desk.]

Page #103 - 105 List of C. H. Kouns property sold Feb. 17, 1906.

[Pages missing] Page #125. Know all men by this presents that in consideration one ...cattle, one rid roan, ...Wm. Justice by this present and do bargain sell and convey to the said John Lambert... [no date and not completed].

Page #258.  [Top of page simply reads] Roll.  C. H. Koums, W. T. Worman, J. C. Lambert, Edward Eastham, J. Kouns, Frank Kir, Phil Holley, Jas. Leibee, John Rucker, David Murphy, Robert Davis, Chilton Davis, John Lambert, Harvey Kinner, David Rice, John Runyon, Harve Stewart,  James McGlothlin, Alex. Murphy, Chris Smith, Wm. Geiger, J. C. Hogan, Sophia Eastham, Pascal Sexton, Harvy McWharter, Allen Lambert, George Wah. [No dates on page.]

Page #280.  Mutual Protection Society. Whereas V. O. Davis has been elected Treas. of this society for the year of 1889 now we...as principle and C. L. Williams, J. P. McGlothlin and W. L. Clay his sureties are held and firmly bound to this society ...sum of $2000.00 for his official act as such officer given...

Page #284.  Whereas Chilton Davis has been duly elected tax assessor fo the Mutual Protection society of Geigerville, Boyd County, Kentucky.  Now we C. H. Kouns and C. L. Williams and Anson Pope...two hudnred dollars...condition of said bond ...discharge all duties ...as treasurer...21 day April 1888.

Page #285.  Treasurer Bond Mutual Protection Society Davis Lodge No. 1. Wheas Chilton Davis has been duley elected treasurer for Davis Lodge No. 1...two hundred dollars...[sureties not cited].

Page #286. Treasurers bond Mutual Protection Society Boyd County...Whereas J. R. Davis has been duly elected treasurer...7 May 1887.  Sighed J. R. Davis, C. H. Kouns, Anson Pope, J. L. Kirk and J. P. McGlothlin.


This compiler would be extremely interested in information on the Bolts Fork, Princess, Whites Creek and any other group that operated within Boyd County. 

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