03 February 2011

Happy Anniversary

compiled by Teresa Martin Klaiber
February 2011

It is hard to believe that a year has transpired since I decided to start the Eastern Kentucky Genealogy Blog. Geneabloggers call it a bloggaversary. It has been a year of new discoveries and new friendships.

We celebrate many kinds of anniversaries in our world. Retailers usually offer sales to "celebrate" and romantics even celebrate the day they met.

I have another anniversary coming up in April. Forty three years of marriage with the most patient man in the world. He has supported my genealogical endeavors, held my hand during and after back surgery when I stupidly lifted the tombstone to see what was written on the other side, has moved file cabinets and the FLI library across 3 states, stood in cemeteries in the pouring rain while I got one last picture, and driven miles out of his way for courthouse research. When we reach that fifty year milestone it will be with a celebration.

I love to look at the Sunday paper and see the announcements of others anniversaries. You know that the smiling faces have ridden the wave of every day life with its ups and downs and are to quote my New York friend now "soul mates."

Among the relics in my house is a hammered silver pitcher and two goblets presented to my great grand parents, Stephen Simpson Halderman and wife Anna Catherine Gorath in 1923 by the Hempstead Academy of Medicine in honor of their 50th anniversary. The Halderman's were married 28 August 1873 at Berlin Cross Roads in Jackson County, Ohio and S. S. had been a past president of Hempstead. A copy of the flowery newspaper article accompanies the set. It is another bonus that a picture of the couple is also in the collection.

Besides local newspaper article concerning anniversaries, I find that religious newspapers can give very detailed information concerning anniversaries. I have written about John Andrew aka Johann Andreas Klaiber and wife Mary Ann McBrayer many times. They were married 1 November 1855 in Carter County, Kentucky.

After 63 years of marriage an article appeared in the West Virginia Methodist News published in Sutton, West Virginia concerning the couple. The article gives both of their birth dates, when they converted to the Methodist faith and other details of the family. Having had 10 children they also had 49 living grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren in 1919 [great genealogy tool]. {9 April 1919 edition WV Methodist News}

The article includes information on the couple's health including the fact that Mary Ann had a dislocated hip in 1917 and that John Andrew had a similar accident.

One of the most interesting paragraphs provided information on the home that stood on our farm along with a well known community minister:

"...Their home has always been the home of the Methodist preacher Rev. John Martin who so often visited their home in their young days, would retire to a room upstairs for prayer and study. He called this room the "prophets room" and by such it was known by their entire family and their intimate friends."

John Martin [no relation to this compiler] married many throughout the Boyd County community of Garner.

I am looking forward to sharing another year of bits and pieces from my office here in Eastern Kentucky with readers. It is always a thrill to hear from you as well. So as the sun rises over the cliffs I am raising one of my treasured goblets in a toast to all who write and share the history of our ancestors.


  1. Happy Blogiversary! I have my first one coming up this month too. That is one of the most fascinating photos! I have never seen one like that before! I raise my own goblet (coffee) in toast to you! Again, congrats on the blogiversary!