01 September 2010

Let Me Count The Ways

compiled by Teresa Martin Klaiber September 2010

Elizabeth Barrett Browning spoke of love when she scribed "...let me count the ways..." and this compiler does love genealogy and all its little nuances.

Little tidbits can help or confuse researchers when reviewing original source materials. Little nuggets can sometimes make the researcher chew the nub of their pencil, bite their nails and tug at the ends of their hair. Name variations are one of those nuggets that are sometimes subtle and sometimes are a cacophony on paper.

There are several url's with extended genealogies on the Lee and Fraley family from Russell County, Virginia thus it is not my intent to repeat what can easily be found. But I was interested in how many name adaptations David Fletcher Lee had left in his paper trail before he was laid to rest in Ashland Cemetery, Ashland, Boyd County, Kentucky.

The family appears on the 1920 Federal Census for Ashland City, Boyd County, Kentucky where the gentleman is listed as David F. Lee, born in Russell County, Virginia.

The 1924-25 Ashland City directory lists him simply as D. F. Lee, a retired Baptist minister, residing at 813 West Carter Avenue. The following year he and his wife are listed at 821 Carter Avenue and again he is listed simply as D. F. Lee.

The same year, 1926, David F. Lee becomes ill and dies on 18 December. The informant was son Mason. But the Registrar incorrectly utilized the middle initial E. on the certificate [#30074] and the entry is even indexed as David E. Lee. Mason did provide David's parents as James Lee and Chloe Fraley of Virginia. David's birth date is cited as April 23, 1842 but simply states the place of birth as Virginia - county not given.

Looking at the 1850 census of Russell County, Virginia James Lee, 85 years old, born in Georgia, and wife Chloe age 39, born in Russell County, do have a son born in 1842 but the name written down on the microfilmed census form appears as Fletcher G. Lee, and is indexed as such.


Immediately following his death, on 28 February 1927, the widow of David F. Lee, Mary E. Lee, applied for a Widow's Indigent Pension under the Confederate Pension Act. Son's Mason and Robert Lee were examined and Mary was to be placed on the Confederate Pension Roll according to the entry [Boyd County Court Order Book 15, page 107].

The Soldiers & Sailors System search engine shows him listed simply as David Lee with the 22nd Virginia Cavalry aka Bowen's Regt. Virginia Mounted Riflemen. It gives a 2nd entry for David F. Lee as a private with Owen's Kentucky Cavalry. The database does not distinguish that these are the same person having served in both units.

Jeffrey Weaver provides information about David Lee's military service on his Compiled Service Records of 22nd Virginia Cavalry site [be sure to have on speakers the music is nice]. Weaver's entry states that David Lee [no middle name] joined Company A of the 22nd on 8/4/63. AWOL 10/31/63, he later served in Owen's Kentucky Cavalry. Captured in Morgan County, Kentucky 11/8/63 sent to Camp Chase. Applied for pension in 1915 in Kentucky.

There is a small error in the material shown at that particular link. According to the Index of Confederate Pension Applications, Division of Archives and Records Management, Commonwealth of Kentucky, page 108 - D. F. Lee of Carter County applied for his pension 6-14-1912 [not 1915], Application number #485. The same page Shows that the request of the Boyd County Court had been accepted and Mary was placed on the rolls as the widow of D. F. Lee 3-10-1927, Application number #4443. Once again a full name was not cited.

In 1900 the family was in Carter County in the Maddox Precinct where David is listed as David F. Lee along with his family. The 1880 Carter County census utilizes the name Fletcher Lee. He uses the name Fletcher Lee in the 1870 Russell County, Virginia Census as well and does not exercise the name David.

This gentleman marries, for a 3rd time, Mary Elizabeth Wilburn, 25 March 1876 in Carter County, Kentucky. The entry is for Fletcher Lee and as a side bar states that he and his parents were born in Lee County, Virginia. His occupation is listed as preacher.

Prior to the Civil War, the 1860 census simply lists him as D. F. Lee in Russell County, Virginia.

His widow, by his 3rd marriage, Mary E. Lee lived until 20 November 1940. Her death certificate [#25113] states that her husband was D. F. Lee. As I walked through Ashland Cemetery I hoped that since his full name was listed in the cemetery records as David Fletcher Lee that in the very end his full name was carved in stone. Alas yet again his small stone reads Rev. D. F. Lee.

At this point I did not retrieve his first two marriages and will leave the rest of the genealogical trail for other researchers. I do wonder if his colleagues might have simply called him Fletch or just D. F. We folks in Eastern Kentucky do love our nicknames.

What tidbits are you leaving behind as a paper trail? How many ways have you signed your name in your lifetime? Utilizing initials, maiden names, nicknames and misspellings, count the ways.

Let me count thine own way:

Teresa Lynn Martin
Terry Martin
Terri Martin
Terri Klaiber
Teresa Lynn Klaiber
Teresa Lynn Martin Klaiber
Teresa Martin Klaiber

And I bet I have left a few out!


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    1. one david f lee was born in1843 the other in 1845 they were related uncle and nephew .David f lee born in1845 was my ggrandfather his father was martin lee df lee born in 1842 brother