01 July 2010

16th Virginia Cavalry Soldiers of Boyd County, KY

compiled by Teresa Martin Klaiber

The 16th Virginia Cavalry was a Confederate States Army regiment. Jack L. Dickinson compiled a history and published it in 1989. The 16th was organized in January 1863 by consolidation of six companies of Ferguson's Battalion Virginia Cavalry.

The compiled statistics show that among the Virginia residents 304 enlisted from Tazewell County and 170 from Russell County, Virginia in units of the 16th.

At least two of gentleman on the 16th roster later resided in Boyd County, Kentucky.

James P. McGlothlin was a Private and enlisted in August 1862 from Tazewell county. He quickly made the rank of Corporal. Born 24 August 1844, he was only 18 years old when he enlisted prior to the formation of the 16th.

While in service he married 7 January 1864 in Tazewell County, Virginia to Elzema Elswick. October 22nd, that same year, their first child, George W. McGlothlin was born. The pay dockets for Company C remark that he deserted, absent without leave, from October 1, 1864, just three weeks prior the birth of his son. Did he make it home? It is highly unlikely. The family knew nothing about a desertion.

Dickinson notes in the roster that he" surrendered and was paroled" at Appomattox Court House. This wording is incorrect. Dickinson failed to read the entire wording of the report slip. In full it reads Prisoners of war belonging to the Army of Northern Virginia who have been this day surrendered by General Robert E. Lee, C. S.A. commanding said Army to Lieut. Genl. U. S. Grant, commanding Armies of the United States, paroled [written over struck out typed word done] at Appomattox Court House, Virginia April 9, 1865." McGlothlin may well have left his unit to try and make it home for the birth of his child and may have been captured. Many were marked as absent and deserted when their whereabouts became unknown because of lack of field information.There is no other information in his record. The term parole written in on his record indicates he had been arrested.

In November 1873 William Geiger made an entry in the diary he kept in Boyd County, Kentucky "McGlothlin/Elswick commenced house at county road." The county road today is Route #3 near the turn to Trace. They became an established family in the community.

James wife Elzema died 18 October 1900. J. P. had a rather short lived 2nd marriage to Mary Jane Ratliff Blevins 16 November 1901 that ended in divorce. James P. McGlothlin, son of Robert and Rebecca Correl McGlothlin died 23 February 1904 in Boyd County. He is buried in McGlothlin Cemetery on a knoll overlooking Trace Big Run Road.

James Madison Finney and his brother William Finney both enlisted in Company A of the 16th at Lebanon, Russell County, Virginia in early 1864. They were the sons of James Finney and his wife Dorcas Lockhart of Russell County, Virginia. William Finney had transferred from the Mississippi
Infantry to the 16th in January and his brother followed suite by enlisting in March the same year. James Madison was 20 years old when he enlisted.

James Madison Finney married Lucinda Karen Powell 14 September 1871 in Boyd County, Kentucky. He and his wife [daughter of Burr] settled on Durbin in Boyd County, Kentucky where he owned and operated a farm. James M. died of heart disease 24 may 1915. The family were members of Kavanaugh Chapel and are buried beside the pretty little church located on Route #23.

Lucinda appeared in Boyd County Court [Boyd County Court Order book 15 page 356] September 1928 and offered evidence by affidavit for a confederate soldier's widow pension under the laws of the state of Kentucky. She stated that Finney was a confederate soldier in the 16th Regiment Company A and served until the close of the war. Lucinda by reason of age and health and worth of less that $2500.00 with income less than $300.00 per year required a pension. Evidence was provided by Sam Turman, H. E. Ferguson, E. P. Finney and S. F. Reynolds. The court approved the pension.

E. P. Finney who gave evidence was Edward Price Finney also from Lebanon, Russell County, Virginia. His daughter Mary Edward Finney married Leonard Klaiber. They are also buried in Kavanuagh Chapel Cemetery. Edward Price Finney was the son of William Finney and his wife Sally Price.

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