21 April 2010

Kavanaugh Chapel Cemetery Vandalized

Compiled by Teresa Martin Klaiber
Kavanaugh Chapel Cemetery, located in Boyd County, Kentucky is one of the prettiest little Church with adjoining cemetery I have ever seen. It is always well maintained and well cared for. The community at Burnaugh take great pride and honor their ancestors.

And every time I hear the news of another cemetery destroyed or hurt by the hands of less than human beings my blood boils. Yet as I surveyed the destruction Jane Preece took time to remind me that this would bring the community together.

As we stood in the cemetery car after car came to check on their loved ones and were already volunteering time and donations to heal and restore the cemetery. The church has already scheduled a community day, May 1st, to begin repairs. The Boyd County Cemetery Board has provided enough Barre Pak to put as many as 36 or more smaller stones back on their bases.

That said tears came to my eyes as I saw how many of the early stones were not just off bases but had smashed and broken when toppled. One thing is certain the Boyd County Sheriff's Office will prosecute when they find the offenders. Another incident on the other side of the county, several years ago, saw that offender go directly to jail. I hope the offenders are reading this. Our county will not tolerate this.

Below are some of the pictures taken today. Between 65 and 70 stones are damaged. The digital pictures will be turned over to our collection at the Boyd County Library.


  1. So very sad...hate to see this happens as much as it does.

  2. This is so sad, why would anyone do something like this?